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In today's turbulent nature of modern business world, having a corporate website is no longer something that you can compromise if you are serious in doing business. Very often your company and your seriousness in doing business is judged by the extent you have gone to get it established. A Corporate Website is actually an online profile of your company / business.

Some facts to consider:

  1. Comput er has now become a household item with ever increasing people connected to the internet to pay bills, buy things, source for information, etc.
  2. Therefore a company/ business/ organisation with website has a greater market penetration compared to those who don't.
  3. Your yahoo or hotmail email address does not give a professional out look to your business.

The Benefits of having a website:

  1. Information on your products and services are available at any time, anywhere in the world.
  2. You can be contacted to purchase or enquire about your products and services via your website and not limited to your working hours.
  3. Greater Publicity – Your web address gives you a greater publicity.

How it creates Greater Publicity:




You are giving out your business card everyday to so many people that you know and you don't know. And not to everyone you have the time and opportunity to explain what you have to offer. But your web address can do the advertisement or publicity for you.

If the person wants to know abo ut the nature of your business, he/she can log on to your website to source for information. And your website will speak on your behalf on the products or services offered (pricing, current promotions, etc) company background, who are your clients, portfolios, etc.

You can have your web address printed on your letterheads, quotations, invoices, brochures, leaflets, envelopes and so on to create greater publicity.

You place and advertisement in the newspaper, which says

We provide accountancy services for small and medium companies. Tel: 03-4263 3000

Presuming someone is interested. This person is going to call you and may ask you the following questions:

- How much you charge
- How long it takes
- How long have you been around
- Where's your office
- How can I pass the documents
- What's your operating hours
- and you know what all they can ask you !

Imagine answering about 50 calls like this.

Now, lets say you have a web address, you can publish it with your advertisements. For example:

We provide accountancy services for small and medium companies. Tel: 03-4263 3000

a website address included, gives the reader an impression that you an established company.
Secondly, it gives a chance for the reader to get to know about you - who you are and what you actually offer.
Thirdly, you can re-direct calls enquiring on basic information to your website – therefore spending less time giving out basic information and spending more time on serious callers. Fourthly, if you have a website, besides providing all relevant information on your services, you can also have an online enquiry form for visitors to ask other questions that are not answered. It also allows visitors to give comments / feedback that can improve your business.

You can maximize publicity with limited space.

Presuming you are allowed to place an advertisement in a directory, But the text should not be longer that 25 words. How much can you explain about what you have to offer? But if you have a website, you can briefly say what you do and publish you website URL. This will re-direct interested parties to your website where they can be presented with what they need to know.

How can a website SAVE you COST.

If you are offering products for sale – say electrical goods. You do not have to frequently print catalogs to distrib ut e to your existing customers or potential customers.
An online brochure or catalog can be created to be viewed by your customers.
And every time you add new products to your list, you don't have to re-print the catalogs, but just update your online catalog. Therefore it's cost saving and is always up to date.

Same goes to those who are offering services - like engineering works, consultancy, etc.
You can have your complete listing of services on your website with all relevant information for your potential clients to turn them to a customer / client.

What's the effect of NOT having a website:

You are not available online for your local (country) internet users who are your potential customers to get to know abo ut your products and services. Let alone the 40 million internet users worldwide.

You are limiting those who are interested in your products or services to working hours, as the only way they can enquire or learn more abo ut what you have to offer is by walking- in or phone call. And if you are closed on Saturdays and Sundays, there goes another two days in a week.

You loose credibility – Nowadays a company/ business witho ut a website is perceived to be a small company who can't afford to get a website designed.

Of course we know that some of the many reasons are :-

  • you never paid much importance on establishing a website as your business is doing fine.
  • you never knew the exact cost to establish an online presence
  • Haven't found the right web designing company to do it
  • wasn't aware how a website can increase your market penetration, etc
  • Your yahoo or hotmail email address makes people wonder what is stopping you from getting a corporate email address like , , .And of course people are most likely to think that financially you can't afford it. Which is NOT True.

    If you target market is the corporate sector, then you should not compromise on having a website done for your business, because whether or not these corporate identities have a website, they will definitely have an internet connection at their office to access your website (if you have one of course!).

    So let us give the professional o ut look to your business and the impression that it deserves.

    And more importantly take advantage of the borderless world to increase your publicity, market penetration and revenue.

    The truth is individuals, organisations and businesses of all nature can reap the benefit from having a website established.

    40 million people have realised it.

    It's your time now !